Bendara Communications
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Bendara Communications

Are you concerned about your ability to communicate with your colleagues in English?
Do you feel that your problems in speaking and understanding English:
        --  Prevent you from getting a more fulfilling, higher paying or more interesting job?
        --  Keep you from making make more friends in the United States?
        --  Cause problems when you are using the telephone to make business and social calls?
Would you like to be able to have your American friends understand your thoughts better?
Would you like to be able to more easily present the results of your research at lab/office meetings?
We can help you starting now!
Bendara Communications was established to help individuals and families develop communications skills in the English language.  We also provide information about American social and business culture to help you in your everyday life.
Our instruction is geared toward the individual needs of the student based on specific assessments of the individual’s learning style and level of language competency.  Each student’s own abilities and desires will determine which areas are to be emphasized.  

Among the possible subject areas to be included in the customized instruction are:  

•  stress and rhythm patterns; 

•  intonation; 

•  troublesome consonant and vowel sounds; 

•  idiomatic usage; 

•  vocabulary development; 

•  written grammatical structures; 

•  essay writing; 

•  written/oral fluency, and;

•  public speaking/seminar presentations.