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Taken from student rating forms:
 "It's my first time taking an English course like this: dynamic, structured and interacting with people from different countries.  Ms. Miller is, in a few words, wonderful!"
"I no longer feel embarrassed when communicating"
"When I went on a trip to San Diego for a scientific meeting this April, I would travel without discomfort and I could discuss the areas of our interest with many scientists."
"I feel more comfortable when I talk with people on the phone, as well as in daily life.  I feel I am able to organize my thoughts in English faster and more clearly than before."
"Ms. Miller is a wonderful English teacher.  Her class is unique, and her methods are great."
"It is the most useful course I have ever taken."
"Ms. Miller is a wise, highly intelligent and experienced teacher."
"When I used to go to the doctor I used to need an interpreter, but no more"
"I am eager to learn not only language, but also American culture from you because I will teach medical courses and instruct medical students in my university when I go back to China."

"When I speak correctly I feel great."

"I had never had an English class like this."
"This class brought us to a level of understanding...where we learned how to communicate not just using the basics, but to understand expressions and idioms."
"Thanks to you my fright is gone."
"The end result (of the class) was very satisfying."
"Ms. Miller is amazing."
 "I would like to thank our instructor Fran Miller for showing us great knowledge about what she is teaching.... She has demonstrated flexibility and a sense of humor."
"It improved my self confidence."        
"Before joining the class, I was afraid to speak English.  But now I love it."
"I think my English has improved considerably after I began to study with Ms. Miller."
"I think it is not enough to study with you once a week.  I want to study with you everyday."