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English as a Second Language Communication Skills (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels)
The aim of each course is to facilitate communication in English for non-native speakers. The courses are geared toward 
the specific level and goals of each individual client. Improvement in areas such as idiomatic usage, vocabulary development, 
oral fluency, troublesome consonant and vowel sounds, stress and rhythm patterns, oral fluency and public speaking can be 
emphasized.  Grammatical structures might also be covered depending on the students’ needs and interests. 
We use a number of teaching modalities, including:
      --  Individual coaching
      --  Books, flashcards, CDs, DVDs and other materials tailored to the individual capabilities of the student
      --  Debates, discussions and individualized dialogues
      --  Immediate corrections of oral mistakes followed by individualized exercises based on the context of the error
      --  Instruction in idioms and common phrases
      --  Summarizing news reports
This is not a generic program, but rather one to mesh with both the employee’s and the employer’s needs. Depending on the client’s
wishes, tutorials can be private, semi-private, or in a very small group that the client organizes.
Examples of course content
      --  Conversation techniques: Expressing regret, relief and asking a favor
      --  Discussion:  Feasibility of future technologies
      --  Discussion:  The cultural impact of foreign imports
      --  Discussion:  The economic impact of globalization
      --  Debate:  Social trends
      --  Debate:  Laughter therapy. Theories of humor
      --  Debate:  Role of English in international communication
      --  Techniques:  Inferring listener's reactions
      --  Techniques:  Rephrasing information;  Inferring points of view
The level of coursework for each eligible student is determined by intensive diagnostic testing prior to the beginning of the program.
After taking instruction with Ms. Miller students will be able to increase conversational proficiency, have a reduced fear of speaking, and
better understand American culture and customs.